Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slow week

So here we are on Designated Talk About The Little Guy Day but it seems as though the little guy has already taken up a larger share of the blog than usual this week, whether in terms of keeping me too busy to post one day or being the major focus of my post another. There’s not all that much new to report, other than to say he does seem to be on the upswing. He still hasn’t taken a proper midday nap since … maybe last Friday or so? (Unless he’s taking one right now as I type this unawares from my cubicle.) But the cough-medicine chewables the pediatrician prescribed have worked with an almost supernatural efficacy, so at least he’s been sleeping through the night without lung-hacking himself awake. I believe he’ll be headed back to daycare tomorrow, and if that ultimately proves too hasty then at least there’s a long holiday weekend on deck during which he can do more quarantined recuperation.

My wife and I aren’t really making news to report on, either. It’s impossible to have a child in the house who’s sick with something that lingers for weeks and not feel a touch under the weather oneself, and we’re living proof of that, with my wife (immunocompromised due to pregnancy and all) taking the harder hit.

Sometimes I feel like I keep running image searches for the same things over and over.
Even if it weren’t for the constant struggle against invisible hordes of pathogens, and the inevitable toll it takes on our collective will-to-do-stuff, I still suspect we’d be in a low-energy lull. The dust of the holidays has finally settled, the days are unremittingly short and cold, and it’s still one more week until new episodes of Community pick up again. Mid-January lends itself to hibernation, and my brain is all about it.

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