Friday, January 28, 2011


I could have sworn that earlier this week I thought of a good random anecdote for today’s post, but for the life of me I can’t seem to conjure it up now that I need it. Brain freeze?

Coincidentally, this is the exact consistency of the precipitation we got this week.
It’s been a not-according-to-plan week, I suppose, so I shouldn’t be surprised. The five-hour commute home on Wednesday night was concurrent with my weekly game night being cancelled (and rightly so). I commuted via the Metro rather than the bus on Thursday because I went in a little late and wasn’t sure when/if the buses would be running. By the same token I took the Metro once again today rather than the VRE, because of the chance of snow today and my preference to be able to leave whenever I wanted if absolutely necessary, rather than being at the mercy of a rail express that doesn’t run its first train toward home until 4 pm. (And yes this all means I’ve spent far more time driving and far less time reading than my normal habit, so I’m still 160 or so pages from the end of Don Quixote.)

Incidentally there’s been renewed talk around the office this week about our imminent relocation to Crystal City, which apparently could happen as soon as March. The VRE stops in Crystal City, and from there I take the Metro to Rosslyn, but if I worked in Crystal City the VRE would seem like a much more reasonable everyday option. The mere thought of the relaxing train commute five days a week is practically unthinkable in its decadence. Which of course means we won’t relocate until August. Or never.

At any rate, at least we all survived the week. This weekend is going to (hopefully) involve lots of making-ready for the new baby, both in the stuff-acquisition and home-preparation arenas, so I may be all-consumed by that. Maybe Monday things will be back to a bit more humdrum level, at least until it snows again on Wednesday.

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