Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Did Saturday Go Grab Bag

I spent the vast majority of my free time (time when the little guy was down for his nap, although once again he decided he didn't particularly care to take one) yesterday rearranging furniture as per the stop-gap plan I had been envisioning on Friday. The good news is I got everything where it needs to be at the moment. The bad news is there is still more rearranging to be done in the post-brand-new-den-sofa Pahe II. But that won't be for a little while yet ...


Speaking of losing track of time, you might wonder how often I miss my Metro and/or bus stops given that my nose is almost always buried in a book while I'm riding along. The answer is not very often, in fact, hardly ever. However, on Thursday I started reading Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain, and on Friday evening, sure enough, I was oblivious to the Metro pulling into my stop and only noticed when the train went above ground again, which I was not expecting it to do. Fortunately it doesn't cost any extra to get off at the next stop, cross to the otehr platform, and backtrack, but I was sufficiently abashed, I think. Needless to say The Strain is yet another page turner and a worthy inclusion in the Spoooktoberfest read-a-thon.


As alluded to earlier, Columbus Day was observed on Monday of this week but actually, technically fell on Tuesday because it is always October 12th, because it commemorates an actual historical event (the sighting of land at the end of the westward voyage, not Columbus's birthday as some may suppose). The reason I know this is because my Very Little Bro was actually born on October 12th, Technical Columbus Day. My Very Little Bro (23 now! Wooo!) is not named Christopher, which I feel compelled to mention because there was another little boy born in the same hospital as him on the same day, whose mother shared a recovery room with our mother, and that little boy was named Christopher, because of TCD. Fun trivia!


I've marveled previously over the fact that next summer will see the cosmically unlikely alignment of both Thor and Green Lantern live-action movies hitting the multiplexes, but really the only common theme between those two movies is that I'm an outsized fan of both characters. But in the same superhero movies vein, this week I learned that the creative powers behind the next movies in the Batman and Spider-Man franchises are starting to settle on and leak info about the villains who will appear in those movies. Spider-Man seems like a done deal, with the baddie in the script revealed as The Lizard. As the name declares, that would be an anthropomorphic reptilian nemesis.

Hee hee hee he has a tiny head.
Meanwhile unsubstantiated rumors fly that Batman will face off against Killer Croc, who is ... an anthropomorphic reptilian nemesis (the "Croc" is short for "crocodile", not the hideous and ubiquitous footwear). If all of that turns out to be true, oh man, professional movie critics and journalists who write the entertainment beat in general are gonna go crazy with the coincidence of two huge superhero movies both featuring scaly green monsters and what does it all MEAN?!?!? Wacky stuff.

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