Thursday, July 15, 2010

The obligatory shameless plug

I mentioned quite a while ago that a buddy and I were working on a potential website project which basically boiled down to the dissection of pop culture using COMPUTER SCIENCE! Specifically relational databases! Did I even get that far into the technical weeds last time? I think mainly I was just talking about categorizing certain movies as mental comfort food.

In any case, that website, officially christened Poprity, is now really and truly all-the-way-live. If you are remotely interested in the kind of overthinking about cartoons and comics and reality tv and the rest of my post tags that I bring up here on a middlingly regular basis, I urge you to check out And spread the word and tell your friends! The more people we can attract, the bigger the site will get, and the more successful it will be - both in the sense that the aim of the site is to mine trivial data just for fun, and find out whether more people think Tina Fey is overrated or underrated, and also in the sense that the site is geared to generate a bit of scratch for me and my buddy just by getting eyeballs looking at it. It would take millions of eyeballs to even come close to generating live-on money, but you never know ... and if I didn't need my day job anymore, I could certainly put more effort into the quantity (and, what the heck, maybe the quality too) of posts around here. What more noble goal could there possibly be?

Thank you for tolerating this promotional intrusion into the regular blogging, and I assure you I will only bring up Poprity in the future when there's actually something germane to say about it.

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