Thursday, April 1, 2010

Date disclaimer

Yes I am well aware of today's date and the significant uptick in foolery one should rightfully expect these 24 hours. I actually love April Fools Day and I especially love the various manifestations it takes online - Google's logo says Topeka today! And the Gmail login page is missing all its vowels! - and I'm actually somewhat impressed by the dedicated bloggers who actually change their entire blog, from layout to fake posts, just for April Fools. Obviously I'm not that dedicated myself.

But just in case you were wondering, because the post below this one is also dated April 1, if I really do actually like the character Jade or if it was a dessicatingly dry prank post attempt at irony, I assure you the subject matter and the date are unrelated. I really am a big goober who thinks fictional super-powered chicks with Dickensian biographical arcs are inherently rad. If there's any punchline to be found, that is it.

Maybe next year I'll punk the blog, but not today.

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