Friday, May 13, 2016

I've officially run out of clever ways to allude to life being circular

I started a new gig this week. The job interview I made vague reference to last month led to a job offer which led to me terminating my nine-year government contracting stint and taking a week off and embarking on a brand new adventure. Different industry, different title/position, different commute - all things I may very well (hopefully) return to in subsequent posts. Because the blog isn't dead yet, dangit!

First week and all, I went out to lunch a fair number of times. Monday my new boss (who's actually an old friend) and one of my fellow team members took me to a perfectly mid-scale sandwich place. Tuesday I just grabbed something from the snack shop and ate at my desk. Wednesday my boss and I went out for Asian. Yesterday I brought leftovers from home.

Today my boss and I went to a kabob place.

I got the falafel. Because of course I did.

So far, off to a good start.

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