Friday, August 14, 2015

Once and Future

I had hoped at the beginning of this month to get back into the habit of posting a little more regularly, but the world for some reason did not choose to make it easy to follow through on that optimistic resolve. Still, as slack as I've been, I would be even more slack if I didn't at least mention that I have had another short story published, which can be found in the anthology King of Ages, on sale now!

The above image is not from the book in question, but from the classic 1980's comic book maxiseries Camelot 3000, which I thought of often while reading the collection of stories in King of Ages. Camelot 3000 is about an alien invasion of Earth in the eponymous year, and the rise (and tragic fall) of new incarnations of the Arthurian archetypes in response. King of Ages is based on the theme of Arthur and his knights and followers reincarnating again and again through human history, and includes several future-set science fiction takes on the legends, as well as modern-day spins, pirates, vikings, and cavemen. It's fun stuff, if I do say so myself.

As always, I have other writing projects in the works, which I will publicize as they become available to read. And I've been having a crazy couple of weeks at work, which should be over by this coming Monday, at which point I will perhaps provide a retrospective post as partial explanation of my deadbeat non-blogging. Until then!


  1. Imagine Arthur in the Seventies. "Whoso removeth this Lovin' Spoonful 8-Track from this Camaro is rightwise the King born of Englande."

    Far out.

    1. Oh man. Now I actually want to read/write a story about a prog rock band called Camelot with a frontman who calls his electric guitar Excalibur.