Friday, March 14, 2014

Sometimes the gears slip

Late the other night (around 2:30 a.m., so Tuesday night by TV Guide reckoning, as opposed to Wednesday morning if you want to get all technical about it) the little guy woke up suddenly in some distress, not feeling well. He proceeded to not feel well onto portions of our master bathroom doorframe and ultimately the master commode, after which he felt better, enough at least to return to his own bed and sleep through the remainder of the night. It might have been some bug or another, or might simply have been something he ate, but either way he recovered quickly and was more or less his usual self by the time the following day properly began. But of course, as always, the rules governing such situations take precedence, and so the little guy was quarantined to home for Wednesday. We cancelled the babysitter (which was already going to be the backup babysitter for entirely unrelated reasons), since she happens to be several months pregnant and we didn't want to needlessly expose her to our potentially contagious child. And I stayed home with the three children while my wife went to work.

The little guy had no relapses and all in all it was a perfectly pleasant unexpected day off. At various points it seemed within the realm of possibility, at least, that I might blog a little ... but obviously I never quite got it together enough to do so. Once again the "if I don't go to work, it probably doesn't happen" rule was in effect.

So yesterday everything went back to normal and I returned to the office, but we had a three-hour all hands meeting that took up most of my morning, leaving me only the afternoon to catch up on what I had missed Wednesday, and so although I did go to work, once again I didn't blog, as should be self-evident.

So it's been one of those weeks. Clearly there weren't that many topics I was burning up to sound off about, anyway. Hopefully next week will hit the sweet spot of being eventful enough for me to have things to talk about, but uneventful enough to afford me the spare time to do so in bloggety form.

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