Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweet Thermodynamic Miracle O' Mine

Today my lovely wife celebrates the ending/beginning of another spin around the sun. Unfortunately we both must suffer the great indignity of showing up at work for the day, but by the time my wife gets home I should have the kids just about ready for bed, and once they're settled we can treat ourselves to some kind of take-out feast (plus dessert, of course). You grow up, you start a family, and you catch your own natal anniversary celebrations as you can.

One of the sweeter moments in Watchmen
I say it a lot, yet still arguably not enough, but at the risk of repeating myself: I'm a lucky guy. Lucky to be born in a universe where my wife was also born, and lucky that some way we found each other and are now in the process of growing old together. Not that we're old! (Certainly my wife isn't.) But the "growing" and "together" parts are true enough, thankfully.

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