Friday, May 31, 2013

A little off the top

I got my hair cut a week ago, since I had the opportunity to go to a Hair Cuttery near my office when we were all dismissed early last Friday afternoon due to the holiday weekend and I was overdue for a trim. Long overdue, truth be told. I know I’m outside the window of acceptable length when my wife starts casually inquiring about when I’m going to get it cut, and I’m way outside when it physically starts to bother me with ridiculous wavy-floppy flyaways tickling my forehead and whatnot.

Since summer was at hand I got more than a trim, and buzzed my hair down very short. I’ve had it shorter (and there was in fact a summer when I was in my early 20’s when I shaved my entire head down to the scalp, which was amusingly novel) but given how long I had been neglectfully allowing it to grow, the difference was still striking. So I fully expected to get a few comments at work this week, but they’ve been surprisingly few and far between. Although, as my wife pointed out, I have been working in this office for four years now and I tend to do the summer shearing every May or June, so they’re all as accustomed to it as I am at this point. I did have one colleague make two separate acknowledgements of my ‘do on two different days, but he’s new. (Also, he’s kind of a dweeb, albeit the nicest kind.)

I really thought when I started to write this all out that I had a point to make, something which would transcend a really boring and basically irrelevant personal factoid, but it seems to have escaped me. Something about age and vanity, perhaps? Clearly I’m aging since I can’t quite remember what my thought was (if I ever had one to begin with). Well, sometimes you get a gem of a random anecdote, and sometimes you get week-old to-do list remnants. Here’s to better luck next Friday!

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