Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obviously, plans change

The Plan For Yesterday:

- Take my wife to the doctor in the morning - Visit my wife’s school employer and show the kids where mommy teaches now - Take the little guy to the doctor right before lunch - Get a fair amount of stuff done around the house between lunch and dinner - The usual kids’ bedtime routine - While my wife uses the home PC to get ready for teaching class the next day, settle on the couch in front of Monday Night Football and use our tiny netbook to post a quick update on the blog, announcing that the early morning doctor’s appointment went well and (surprise!) my wife and I are expecting our third child next March.

The Actual Way Yesterday Went Down:

- Well, we made it to the hospital for the ultrasound, more or less on time, and as alluded to above the news was all good and made the completion of the first trimester as official as it could possibly be. - But we were running a little late and the doctor took forever between performing the ultrasound and going over the test results with us (bright blessings beyond counting on the kind nurse who at one point leaned into the consultation room where we had been parked for our interminable wait and said “the doctor will be right with you, but …” – thumbs up “… it’s good news.” Clearly she has been working in antenatal diagnostics long enough to know THAT’S ALL WE FREAKING WANTED TO HEAR CUZ WE’RE ON PINS AND NEEDLES OVER HERE PEOPLE. Ahem. Anyway, finally met with the doctor, got duly congratulated, but didn’t have time after that to swing by mw wife’s campus, unfortunately. - So we headed back home, I dropped off my wife and the little girl at the house, and the little guy and I proceeded to the pediatrician’s. His check-up was routine, everything fine on that front as well, and then he got three vaccination booster shots which were quite painful. He screamed, but he recovered reasonably well. Fortunately we were prepared for this; the little guy’s grandparents had arrived at his birthday party a week earlier with a superabundance of wrapped gifts which we still haven’t finished doling out, so one of those got to be his reward for braving the needles and was in fact waiting for him in the car. - Between lunch and dinner, I finally re-hung the curtains which had been marked by our male cat, and immediately dry-cleaned, back in the spring. The reason they were never put back up after the cleaning was because we weren’t entirely sure if the cat wouldn’t just befoul them all over again. But over the past few months we seem to have established good patterns of letting him outside when he wants to go out (which is the vast majority of the time) so it seemed safe to re-introduce the drapes. Plus it appears as though the weather is breaking and it’s nice to have extra insulation against the sliding glass doors, so that works out. It does not take terribly long to hang curtains, yet somehow that and a couple loads of laundry was all I managed to get done. This may or may not be due to some serious (and justifiable) crankiness on the part of the kid with the three band-aids on his legs. - We survived dinnertime and bathtime. - And phone calls were made and football was watched and laundry got folded but I did not have the mental fortitude for bloggery. So here we are, a day late but (truer and truer all the time) within the convential parameters of how things tend to go around here.

So! Expecting, again! I am well aware that most of the regular readers here have already been made aware of this particular development through more conventional means, and if you are not part of that subset it may very well be that you had already suspected something was up thanks to various hints I couldn’t help but drop recently. But I still have to make a declaration, clearing the way to commence posting about my wife’s pregnancy, my own semi-coherent thoughts on the perils and possibilities of parenting three small children at once, and all the various permutations on Everything Is About To Change Again.

The thing that sticks out to me (in present context, mainly) is that I will clearly have to re-work the whole blogonyms schema once again. I had some fun (and also stressed out over and lost embarrassing amounts of time on) coming up with random codenames for my wife and son for a while there, and then lazily slid into the much simpler “my wife” and “the little guy” right around the time we added “the little girl” to the mix. But early next year we’re either going to have two little guys or two little girls, so just to keep everything straight I’ll have to go back to specific nomenclature. And in order to avoid onerous amounts of intracranial processing power, I will probably come up with a single, suitably absurd blog-nickname for each of the offspring and use those consistently. So stay tuned for all that.

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