Friday, August 17, 2012

Suitable for framing

Here’s a cool picture:

I’ve talked about The Sandman, and my belatedly-discovered but forever-unabating love for it, recently. This is a watercolor which was painted by Jill Thompson when Neil Gaiman was doing a pitch to Warner Brothers for a potential Sandman movie (that never happened, obviously) and needed some concept art.

It’s a picture of the Sandman himself (the Robert Smith-looking guy) and his old friend Robert “Hob” Gadling. Hob is one of my absolute favorite characters from the series.

It is, furthermore, set in a London nightclub, with Hob sitting at the bar. I of course have a certain longstanding fondness for cocktail culture and I would in fact think it was nifty to have this particular piece of art hanging over the bar in my basement.

It’s for sale, here. It’s $900, which is at least one order of magnitude more than I am comfortable with or capable of spending on wall decor right now. But hey, if you are an anonymous fan of the blog who has money to blow and you’ve never been quite sure what kind of token of appreication to gift me with, now you know! Leave a comment including your e-mail and I’ll send you my home address for shipping the painting!

Whether or not the original painting ever finds its way into my possession (read: not) I’m going to come back to this image … at some point. It kind of ties into a lot of things that have been rattling around in my head lately. I’m just not quite ready to dig into them, and of course I’m leaving on vacation soon. But hold that thought.

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