Monday, April 9, 2012


They are painting the re-configured walls around the entrances to my office suite today, which seems to indicate that the Great Security Upgrade is nearly complete. Presumably the installation of secure workstations at our cubicles would take place not too long after that, although there has been a small but constant crowd of people in the network hub room for a week or two now, including today, which leads me to believe the infrastructure re-jiggering has not been keeping pace with the construction. So who knows, file the to-be-completed date for all of our network clearance-level needs being co-located on the same floor right alongside getting new low-clearance workstations that can multitask without freezing up, as well as the server offloading I was teased with a few weeks back and haven’t heard any update on since. These things will happen when they happen, if they happen at all, and all I can do is wait and see.

I suppose I am something of a captive audience.
Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on the people whose job it is to provide me with a GFE or host the apps I’m responsible for. Schedules slip and that’s just the way of things. This past weekend, for example, my wife and I had identified a few modest gardening and lawncare projects which we thought it would be best to complete before having a houseful of guests over next weekend for the little girl’s birthday. Before we even got started on them, though, we were forced to scale back the list simply because the overnights had once again turned inhospitably cold for, e.g., planting flowers. Still, we set ourselves to the remaining tasks on the schedule as of mid-Sunday-morning, and by the time Sunday dinner rolled around we were both somewhat shocked at how it had taken us essentially all day just to barely get through our abridged list. Everything always takes longer than you think it’s going to, is the moral there I guess, whether it’s something you’re doing for yourself or something you’re waiting for someone else to get done for you.

But, again, the bright side is that we had a whole day at home in which to do stuff, and stuff got done. There’s much more to do between now and Saturday’s party, of course, all in the manic after-work and in-between-other-unavoidables fashion, but not only is that pretty much business as usual, but in that mode every little thing checked off the list feels like a major victory. But there is some solid reasoning behind the fact that I blocked out next Sunday on the calendar purely for purposes of “recovery”.

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