Thursday, February 16, 2012


Best baby shower present evar
The little guy was complaining of pain in his ear last night and generally not at all himself, so my wife dutifully trundled both he and his sister into the pediatrician's office today. Both children now have ear infections (and general gunkiness, both respiratory and spiritual) which is a drag; the good news is that the little girl has been on antibiotics for four or five days now and her infection is showing definite signs of slow but steady improvement. At this point we are just waiting the germs out. I sense some serious Pixar movie marathons in the near future.

It seems entirely liely at this point that I will be taking the day off from work tomorrow to stay home with the sick munchkins, but I've bene on a pretty good roll with the blog posts this month so I will try to check in at some point and keep the streak alive.

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