Monday, July 18, 2011

Working around the gaps

At this point we may very well be getting down to the final few weeks of my agency being split across two different offices. Supposedly everyone I used to work with in Rosslyn (who stayed behind while I and some other folks moved to Crystal City) is relocating here to the new office sometime in August, and I’m not sure exactly how this happened but, look at that, August is only about 13 days away. It should be interesting to see how, if at all, the dynamic around here changes.

This week, though, things are beyond dead quiet. My government boss is on vacation, as is the nearest person to me in the cubicle farm, which means the stretches of quiet isolation are the dominant vibe around here. As always that’s not exactly a complaint, since I prefer a relatively unhassled workday where I can tackle my own projects and set my own pace without feeling like too many people are looking over my shoulder. But it’s not doing me any favors in terms of getting me mentally prepared for everyone to descend on this office next month.

So, no news from the office, and I’m not feeling up to the task of spinning some non-newsworthy observation about office life into something bloggable (the above notwithstanding, obviously). To be fair I’m still somewhat in mental recovery mode since my wife had to work this past weekend and I was primary caregiver for an almost-three-year-old with an abundance of energy and a barely-three-month-old who is too sweet, and thus has yet to convince me she won’t melt in the heat outdoors. You see the position this puts me in. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back in my usual frame of mind.

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