Friday, April 1, 2011

The Toddler Toggle

One of these years I’m probably going to get around to doing something very meta with the blog – who knows, it may even also be vaguely humorous – to commemorate April Fools Day. But this is not that year. So everything you are about to read is legit, for values corresponding with the usual levels you’ve come to expect from me.

No doubt these are the most adorable horns and fangs spawned from the abyss you are likely to see all day.
This Week In Raising A Two Year Old actually had quite the upswing in its second half. I didn’t want to jinx anything yesterday by mentioning that Wednesday evening’s bedtime routine was much more on-model than the previous two nights, but it was. And last night followed the same improved pattern, so once again I found myself imagining a large GOOD/EVIL switch inside my son’s brain, albeit flipped back to the preferred (hopefully default?) position. Tomorrow we’ll be taking the little guy on his first ever visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s – not as a reward for behaving reasonably well two nights in a row per se, but simply because one of the neighborhood kids invited him to a birthday party. (Yes, this is the same neighbor I blogged about last spring, jiminy crickets how time flies.)

Childrearing aside, the past 24 hours or so have been pretty geekerrific for me. Last night the Thursday sitcoms were all reruns so my wife and I briefly resumed The Buffy Project and are now deep enough into the endgame of Season Two that I kind of hope the re-runs continue a bit longer so that we can get all the way to the finale sooner than later. Then this morning I rode the VRE to work and watched yet another episode of Smallville on the portable DVD. And even though it was one of the bottom ten percent of episodes in terms of quality that I can recall out of the hundred-plus I’ve seen of that show, I’m still excited because I’m also getting progressively closer to finishing off that box set with the Season Five finale. (Not entirely sure yet what I’ll start watching on the VRE next, though I think finishing Season One of Supernatural is a good bet.) For the portion of the train ride not occupied by Smallville, I continued reading a paperback I picked up at the used bookstore, a novel which is a licensed tie-in to the MMORPG City of Heroes. So basically it is fanfic for a comicbook-inspired video game, which meant on a certain quantum-deterministic level there was no way for me NOT to acquire and consume it. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised at how not terrible it is, though, so that’s a win-win.

Oh, and baseball season started and the Yankees won their opener! Pretty geeked about that, and to have made it through another week. I will try to get back to the regular structure of things round these parts next week, unless of course a baby comes along slightly ahead of schedule and forces me to take a little break.

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  1. My elder daughter does have the disconcerting ability to switch from "sweet and wonderful" to "I AM A SHINING GOLDEN GODDESS ABLAZE WITHIN THE HEART OF CREATION AND YOUR PUNY HUMAN WISHES MATTER NOT TO ME." Fortunately, the SHINING GOLDEN GODDESS mode doesn't emerge in public much.

    There are times, selected ugly times, when I consider it a moral victory that I don't shoot the girl out of a giant circus cannon and let her be raised by whomever lives in the spot where she lands.

    Then she does something unbearably sweet and thoughtful and I feel like a bucket of sewage.