Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I gotta be honest, after recapping the Friday through Sunday adventures yesterday, not to mention grappling with the fact that the long-awaited official verdict from the pediatrician on the little guy’s hives was a mere “probably nothing, wait and see”, I’m feeling a bit spent today. The little guy in question did, in fact, go back to daycare today, and his grandma left last night given that such was indeed the plan. After all that, we seem to be almost across-the-board back to normal:

- Things are still a little tense at work (by which I mean they are still extremely tense between my co-workers and a little tense for me, just having to sit so near the poles of hostility) but we are definitely moving by the end of March! So the Disquieting Quartet will be scattered to different cubicles in 40 days, more or less.
- My wife’s new schedule for work remains an adjustment-in-progress, and at this point looks like it’s only going to hold through … the end of March, coincidentally enough. Beyond that she’ll likely need to scale back even further (assuming the baby doesn’t decide to make a surprise debut at the 38-week marker) but her employer is pretty much in support of that plan so it’s not a source of major concern.
- The nursery is coming along, very slowly. And the rest of the house is still standing, which is a plus! The amount of work remaining compared to the amount of time in which to get it done has, if anything, made my wife and I feel as if we need to keep a tight rein on our socializing and spend as much of our free time either getting things squared away or enjoying quiet (infant-free) time together as possible. Which means we’ve missed a few get-togethers, from some friends’ events to the birthday parties of a couple of the little guy’s classmates, but so it goes.
- It’s still not baseball season yet, so that’s one less thing to obsess over as well.

So, all in all, everything’s fine and altogether non-notable, and other than the obvious baby-imminence there’s nothing majorly disruptive on the horizon. It seems like this could very well be the very unremarkable status quo right on into April. I will of course nevertheless try to gin up some interesting post-fodder between now and then, especially since I am in no way making promises about blogging regularity once the baby comes. But like I said, yesterday kind of wiped me out so for today just noting as much will have to do.

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