Friday, August 28, 2009

Starting at the Beginning

Lately my GoodReads reviews have been getting longer and longer, but still mostly focused on actual books, which means all the other things which entertain me and make me think don't get an outlet.

Recently someone asked me if I had a blog they could visit to keep tabs on what's up with me.

I've had the recurring thought "This would make a good blog post" so many times I've lost count.

Clearly, it is time to start a blog. I avoided it for as long as I could, but it's time. Rather than overthink how to kick things off with a grand Statement of Purpose post or anything like that, I'll just leave it at this.

My blog starts here. If you're diving into the archives looking for the beginning, this is it. If you've been working your way backwards, you've reached the end. Either way - more later.

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